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We are home inspectors in Marriottsville, Maryland.

In addition, we work with the real estate agents also in the surrounding counties to help home sellers and buyers.

Utilize Our Expertise to Take the Stress out of Buying a Home With a Complete Home Inspection

Buying a home is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make.

How can you know exactly what you’re buying?

A home inspection, from a trusted home inspector, could save you thousands of dollars by uncovering potential issues with the home — before they become your problem.

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See what you’ll be getting with a sample home inspection report. Our reports are detailed, easy to read, and include photos.

The Hidden Secrets You Can Find in An Older Home

To the trained eye, plumbing and electrical lines in the basement can provide a historical roadmap to the age of the various service components in your home. Look at the photo and note the dated piping and wiring that provide a tell-tale sign as to when work was done....

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Is Your Home Inspector Qualified To Do an Energy Audit?

If a home is older than 25 years old and the attic insulation has never been updated, it would be a good idea to get a Home Energy Audit. If the insulation needs to be updated, it is possible to put new insulation over old insulation, unless it is wet. Any new roll or...

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So You Suspect a Gas Leak? Trust Your Instincts.

Suspect a gas leak on a home you would like to purchase? The best way for anybody (including a home inspector) to determine if a home has a gas leak is by using their nose. If you suspect that you have a gas leak, you can further confirm your finding if you hear a...

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Millenial Mistakes Buying Homes

Not Knowing Your Budget The bank might tell you what they reckon you can afford, however, never stretch yourself financially too much when buying your first home. Avoid the pitfall of not having a budget when looking for your first home. So, work out what your...

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5 Reasons Why Agents Love Building and Pest Inspections

Why Buyers Agents LOVE Building And Pest Inspections Buying a property is a big investment so it makes sense for potential homeowners to inspect all aspects of a property before making a purchase. They don’t want to be bogged down by repairs or unexpected problems as...

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It is All About Your Perfect House

Finding your dream house is more than finding the house that has the perfect number of rooms and a backyard pool. These sorts of details are subjective and can change from one person to another. There are some other extremely important things that must be contemplated...

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Different Types of Home Inspections

There are a number of different home inspections you should conduct during the buying process in order to ensure that you are making the right decision. This is because any kind of problems surface after the purchase become your responsibility and you have to complete...

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Infrared-Enhanced Home Inspections

Every picture tells a story. What happens when the picture is enhanced to tell you the story behind the story? Digitally enhanced infrared photography is a great tool for home inspectors, but it is only useful when applied with the proper analysis. Infrared cameras...

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