What To Expect from a Good Home Inspection Report

An example of the cover page for a home inspection report.

INFORMATION GATHERING – Clearly stated home inspector Standard Operating Procedures must be provided to the client and followed by the inspector to find and report deficiencies and potential cost items found during the inspection.

COMMUNICATE INFORMATION – Home Inspectors are in the communication business and a thorough inspection with a poorly written report is useless. A good report must be comprehensive, but at the same time not overly technical, that way it can serve as the kind of document a new homeowner can refer to for years to come.

The Components of a Good Home Inspection Report are as Follows

COVER PAGE – Property identification complete with a picture of the house, homebuyers name, and inspector information complete with Inspector license number.

OVERVIEW – Starts off with an explanation of the Standards of Practice that states the homebuyer’s expectations, inspectors’ responsibilities to the homebuyer, and limitations. It also describes the seasonal conditions at the time of the inspection and the estimated age of the house.

REPORT SUMMARY – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE REPORT because it highlights deficiencies and/or repair items found in the rest of the report that will be the costliest over the next 5 years. While homeowners are encouraged to read the whole report, they are encouraged to refer back to the Summary Page for reference and validation.

INVOICE – Negotiated Home Inspection total cost-plus other services such as Radon Test, Termite Inspection, etc. less any discounts.

INSPECTION REPORT – The rest of the document is typically 30 pages or more that describes in greater detail the findings outlined and reported on the Summary Page. This typically includes but is not restricted to the following items:

OUTDOOR - Landscaping, Grounds, Roof, Chimney, Exterior Siding and Windows

INDOOR - Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Room, Basement, Stairs, Interior Hallways, Fireplace, Living Room and Dining Room

UTILITIES - Appliances, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

At Old Line Home Inspections, it is our goal to provide the type of report that clearly outlines any maintenance items and possible deficiencies so that homeowners can estimate maintenance for the first 5 years in the home and beyond.

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