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Make Sure the Water in Your Home Is Safe and Clean

We've partnered with "Tap Score" to provide you with unbiased information and an award-winning report that allows you to clearly understand the quality of your drinking water and the impacts it may have on your family — without needing to be a toxicologist.

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Your Tap Score report gives you an overall score with a detailed list of contaminants found to be at or near dangerous levels. The report will provide you with recommendations for the next steps, and a watchlist so that you know what to keep an eye on.

There are plenty of reasons to have the drinking water in your new home tested in a professional lab. Here are some of the most important reasons:

Lead Contamination

Just an inch of old lead plumbing can cause long-term brain damage due to lead poisoning, especially in children (EPA). Lab testing is an effective way to get accurate results.

You Can't Taste or Smell Arsenic

Up to 20% of untreated drinking water in the U.S. contains arsenic, a toxin that occurs naturally in the Earth and causes cancer, developmental problems, and other health issues. Without testing your water in a lab, you could be drinking contaminated water for years without knowing it.

Higher Maintenance Costs

You're already making a huge investment when you buy a house. If your new home has a hard water problem, fixing it could cost thousands of dollars. If left unchecked, hard water can significantly increase other maintenance costs.

Provide a Safer Family Environment

For many, buying a new home is an important step in starting a family. However, children are particularly susceptible to health risks in the home as they develop. Testing your drinking water in a lab is critical to provide a healthy environment for raising a family.

A screenshot of the interactive and easy-to-understand water quality report.

This Is More than just a Lab Report:

The report will give you a simple score to know how your drinking water holds against guidelines set by federal and state agencies, as well as leading academic research.

With a clear and concise presentation, you'll have a good understanding of what contaminants exist in your water, what potential health risks they pose, and where they come from.

A screenshot of the interactive and easy-to-understand water quality report.

You can see the general characteristics of your drinking water including the pH level, alkalinity, hardness, and more.

Your report includes an exhaustive list of the contaminants tested in your sample and how the levels compare to thresholds set by the U.S. government and other expert authorities. Your score in these areas is regularly updated according to ongoing research.

See recommendations for products to improve the quality of your drinking water, including the purchase cost and expected annual costs.

Get information on nearby groundwater that may help identify ongoing risks to the drinking water in your home.

Water Quality Testing
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