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We are home inspectors in Marriottsville, Maryland.

In addition, we work with the real estate agents also in the surrounding counties to help home sellers and buyers.

Utilize Our Expertise to Take the Stress out of Buying a Home With a Complete Home Inspection

Buying a home is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make.

How can you know exactly what you’re buying?

A home inspection, from a trusted home inspector, could save you thousands of dollars by uncovering potential issues with the home — before they become your problem.

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See what you’ll be getting with a sample home inspection report. Our reports are detailed, easy to read, and include photos.
The Type of Home Inspection Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Expect

First-Time Homebuyers in today’s housing market need a unique type of inspection services. At Old Line Home Inspections, we provide customized solutions that are designed to accommodate the needs of Maryland homebuyers. Our region has a unique climate that wreaks havoc on the overall structure of your home if proper steps are not taken before the small problems become big problems. We can also identify when steps were not taken by sellers to prevent moisture intrusion and air leaks that cause condensation. The attic structure and the basement foundation are both items that should be carefully examined and the results reported.

A good first-time homebuyer inspection also includes a roof inspection that should not only report on the overall condition of the roof but the life expectancy as well. The inspector can also provide sound advice on maintenance and upkeep. It is much easier to plan for the unexpected if the homeowner knows the potential deficiencies that exist with the roof, gutters, drainage, and any other components that are there to protect the overall structure.

After we inspect the structural components, it is important to move on to the HVAC components so that the homebuyer can budget for maintenance. A good inspection should outline an appropriate maintenance plan based on the age, conditions and life expectancy of the heating and air conditioning system. In addition to the mechanical components, the inspector should observe and report on the condition of the visible ductwork. Inspectors look for things like air leaks, rust from condensation and soot from incomplete combustion.

First time homebuyers should also expect accurate reporting on the overall condition of the electrical and plumbing components of the home. Outdated or handyman wiring can be dangerous, and the tell-tale signs are there if you know what to look for. Outdated plumbing also needs to be observed and reported because plumbing components can easily be overlooked if by homebuyers if they are not careful. Things like rusted drain/waste/vent piping and signs of corroded or damaged plumbing needs to be called out before they become bigger problems.

The final inspection report should be organized, coherent and follow the same flow as the inspection. At Old Line Home Inspections, we also provide a “Now That You Have Had a Home Inspection” book that accompanies our inspection report. The book is loaded with tips, advice, home terminology and even charts that outline the life expectancy of appliances and other building elements. Combine the book with the detailed report outlining the age and condition of all the building elements and you have a detailed plan to help you budget for repairs and upkeep while you build equity and long-term wealth

Gain peace of mind with your investment and ease the process of buying your new home. Schedule an inspection or get in touch with us at (410) 236-3027.